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Encouraging reviews of Michiana children’s events and attractions

Home November 17, 2006

The new site is here! Check out!

More viewer-friendly…Increased search options… Handy calendar feature…fresh new look…pictures from local events…and more!


Kids Around The Bend’s Brag Board


This community bulletin board is a resource to share your positive experiences about Michiana’s children’s events and attractions. We encourage you to post those experiences as a way to help spread the word to local families and support area businesses. Businesses appreciate positive and negative feedback. Please save the negative for direct communication with the business itself…we’ve all got areas we need to work on. Leave a Reply today and brag to others about all of the great opportunities Michiana has to offer our children.



1. Click on the category that best fits the event/attraction you wish to share.

Home page included…we love to hear what you think!

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page titled Leave a Reply.

3. Name: type first name

4. Mail: type e-mail address for Kids Around The Bend to contact if further

information is needed. This will not show on site.

5. Website: leave this blank.

6. Description: Tell us about your great experience. Be sure to mention

the name of event/attraction, location and city.

7. Submit your Comment.

8. Your comment will be sent to Kids Around The Bend for review. We are a

family centered business and will not post anything inappropriate!

Thank you for your post!


6 Responses to “Home”

  1. Cindy Says:

    This is a wonderful idea! I am so frustrated that I always hear about these great ideas after they occur! I will definately pass ideas/suggestions on to you when I hear of them! I have found so many things that I never would have thought of! Thank you!

  2. Mandy Says:

    I absolutely love the site! You’re doing a great thing for the moms
    and dads of Michiana and you are an inspiration to us all.

  3. Granger mom Says:

    Thank you so much for starting this site! We will use it often!

  4. Chris Doncaster Says:

    You have a great web-site. What a useful tool for parents to use expecially with summer coming up. Gas prices on the rise this gives parents things to do around the area that doesn’t take a lot out of the pocket book & for kids to have great memories.

  5. LaShonda Says:

    I find this website very informative and extremely useful. My daughter is an only child and I have not been able to find anything for her to do with othe children for a reasonable price. Thank you!

  6. Suzanne Says:

    Oh my goodness! I can’t believe what a great list of Summer children’s activities you’ve got compiled here. I will definitely be checking back often. I’ve already marked my calendar with a couple of things I hadn’t even heard of anywhere else.

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