Kids Around The Bend’s Brag Board

Encouraging reviews of Michiana children’s events and attractions

Site Background November 14, 2006

After several years of exchanging favorite local children’s activities among friends and NUMEROUS times commenting, “Why doesn’t EVERYONE know about that?” I decided that a central location for posting children’s activities was a must!  I could never seem to find one place where there was an extensive updated list and learning of opportunities always seemed very random and mostly spread by word-of-mouth.  Instead of hiding all of my local fliers and brochures in a folder in my dining room for reference and keeping all of these great activities a secret, I decided to share them with you and be the central location for posting children’s activities in Michiana!

I hope that you enjoy and find it very informative and resourceful.  I have done many of these activities with my children and have had a wonderful time doing so.  This is an interactive site and I encourage you to contact me with feedback about the site, activity reviews and additional activity postings.  Make the time that you spend with your children quality time…it goes way too fast!




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