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Sports & Fitness May 8, 2007

Share and review positive comments about Michiana children’s Sports & Fitness  events/attractions!


2 Responses to “Sports & Fitness”

  1. I am taking the Parent Tennis Class at Leeper Park while my children are in their separate classes and LOVING it! It is a great way to get back into the game while sharing the experience with your children. Great instructors and program for all ages! Very impressed so far with the Pee Wee and Little Shot classes! Lot of variety in a 45 minute session. Can’t beat the prices!

  2. LaShonda Says:

    My 3 yr old daughter is taking the Pee Wee Tennis Class at Leeper Park also. She was so excited to tell me about everything they did yesterday. Next, we’re hopefully signing up for swim lessons at Mishawaka High School. 6-19-07

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